The Computer Center is responsible for providing the following services: supporting teaching and researching, providing computer hardware & software, computerizing administrative processes, campus network services, distance-learning services, technical consulting, and promotional training. The organizational structure is as follows:


Administration and Counseling Section

  • Overseeing the administration and operations of the Computer Center
  • Controlling access to the Computer Center
  • Overseeing administrative tasks for the computing development committee
  • Writing up an annual budget for computer equipment purchases by the end of the fiscal year
  • Overseeing administrative tasks for the Information Security Committee
  • Purchasing and distributing campus-licensed software packages
  • Providing administrative consulting services
  • Hosting various activities consigned by the Ministry of Education
  • Planning, installing, and maintaining the NCCU Website on the World Wide Web
  • Installing and maintaining the file servers for public software
  • Providing consulting services for campus computer users

Teaching and Research Section

  • Supporting the teaching and research activities of computer-related courses
  • Planning, installing and maintaining the computer classrooms
  • Planning, installing, and maintaining hardware and software of the distance-learning classroom
  • Overseeing the broadcasting process for distance-learning courses
  • Assisting instructors in designing and maintaining teaching material for asynchronous distance-learning courses
  • Offering a range of computer-related training courses
  • Recruiting and training student consultants for the Computer Center

Networking and Development Section

  • Planning, installing, and managing campus network architecture
  • Providing such network information services as WWW, dial-up, e-mail
  • Overseeing the daily operations and maintenance of host computers and system software
  • Ensuring the security of the campus network
  • Managing TANet Taipei Local Network Center consigned by the Ministry of Education
  • Providing network-related consulting services.

Application System Section

  • Developing various application systems for the computerization of administrative processes
  • Developing application software to support teaching and research activities
  • Assisting various departments in designing and installing customized database retrieval systems
  • Offering the training courses for various application systems